Agenda Taksering AS specializes in valuating and appraisals of real estate in Oslo and Akershus. More than 30 years of experience in construction and real estate industry from Norway and abroad enables us to offer professional services.

Recent activities and experience range from the physical execution to planning and project management of large construction and real estate projects in Norway and abroad. The director is a qualified Surveyors Engineer from NITO / University of Stavanger, Technical College and holds a master’s certificate as a builder.

We are members of Norsk Takst –  Norway’s largest organization for Surveyor Engineers. We are certified for preparing appraisals for value and loan rates,housing sales report and technical valuations for homes,vacation homes, commercial properties and land.

We also perform analysis and construction consulting services in connection with construction works, as well as energy labeling of homes. We can also assist in the hand-over of real-estate, disputes and complaints.

Our goal is to deliver the right product at the right time and the right price. Satisfied customers are our highest priority and it is important that the customer is left with a good, informative product and hence the feeling that they have got what they have paid for.

Our reputation is after all what we live from.

We put the expertise paramount and strive at all times to be a professional and market updated partner to tackle the challenges faced in the real estate market.

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